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    all i want is a cute boy who is willing to stay up til 4 am texting me okay

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    *eating ice cream in the winter* thE COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY

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    An American soldier kisses his girlfriend goodbye at Penn Station, New York, 1944.

    this is heartbreaking

    Photos like this make me wonder: Did he live? Did he ever return home? Did they ever get married, start a family? Or did he die, and she was left to go on without him? As tragic as it seems, that happened so many times during WWII, and looking at these two, it makes you wonder if they were they any different. I really hope so; I hope they got their happy ending. 

    you and I think alike, tumblr user crescendowl

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  8. Anonymous asked: The metaphor was very helpful, thank you. There's still something I don't understand. It seems like they drew a tree but people say that it should've been a flower and they're mad because it's not and they're asking them to alter the design to make the tree look like a flower. I don't think artist owe anything to anyone, but you're free to like what they do or not. I think that art is independent, you cannot ask an artist to do what you like, the viewer is passive in the experience. (1/2)



    You can be mad because it didn’t end like you wish it had, but you can’t say it’s bad for the same reason and ask them to rewrite it. Artists don’t owe us the end that we wanted, they give us the end that they planned. Or maybe there’s something, i’m missing.


    I agree. IF you’re mentioning the petition from earlier that was more a social experiment for me and if I want anything I want to keep the finale and get a reunion in a year or so, that’s all. Carter and Craig can do whatever they want, but fans make up half of the art when it comes to things like this, in my opinion. They planned the tree and it looked like a flower, a beautiful flower, and painting over that covered all the little intricacies that they spent so long working on. 

    I do agree, In the end, minus the finale in some ways, we owe them for bringing this lovely creation into our homes and our hearts, but when we get attached human nature is to defend those whom we love and they just happened to create some of the most relatable and lovable characters I’ve seen.

    I think if you wanted to compare it to a piece of visual art, it would be like this.

    They spent years working on this beautiful mountain scene. They painted the sky with a beautiful sunset, created amazing depth and texture, and created an amazingly realistic, and almost photographic image.

    Then, at the very end, they painted over everything they had done with flat colors, and big blocky shapes. The detail was gone. The depth was gone. The realism was gone. And we all would have been okay with that, if we had watched it develop as that and didn’t know that there was something beautiful hiding underneath that painting. Because there is a place for all paintings.

    But as an artist, you wouldn’t go through all that work creating that base painting to paint overtop of it like that. It’s disrespectful to your artwork. Why waste the time on the realistic painting if that cubist painting is your end goal? And yes, certain styles can be tastefully combined, but this was just slapping that last layer of paint on a canvas full of realism.


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    "Why are you sending me this?" -me when I view 98% of snapchats

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  15. Hi Jake Owen :)

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