1. Hi :)

  2. Feeling especially stylish today.

  3. So colorful :)

  4. Everyone is posting their bid day pictures, so here is a picture of my amazing line!

    It doesn’t matter if its panhellenic or not…the hearts feel the same.

  5. Don’t mind the stiff arms…BOYFRIEND! :)

  6. I’m on a….PADDLEBOAT.

    Struggling. Hard. Haha the waves were huge and I kept drifting away from everyone.

  7. I love my little, Angie!
    Also notice that we are wearing the exact same bathing suit, except they look a lot different because BIG BOOBS FUCKING SUCK and if you say that they don’t you obviously don’t have big boobs.

    The beach trip was fun though :)

  8. Oh hi :)

  9. My little is finally a brother!!!!

  10. Hi.

  13. Some days you just feel pretty!

  14. Wing-tipped eyeliner :)

  15. Some days you know you’re hit by the cute-fairy wand.